Snow Waxes

WEND’S wax line can be broken down into three wax “families”  with the exception of a few specialty products. Our waxes are categorized into these three families based on the key ingredients in their makeup. The wax families are NP (Non Petroleum Waxes), MF (Meadowfoam® Waxes), and NT (Nano-Tech Additive Waxes).  NP waxes. The NP line of WEND performance waxes are 100% plant derived, made from sustainable sources, all natural, biodegradable and non-toxic. This product line is representative of the direction that WEND is taking as it seeks to improve its snow product offerings by making them more and more eco-friendly. Mf Waxes. The MF labeled products contain Meadowfoam® oil and/or Meadowfoam® wax. Meadowfoam® is a wildflower native to California and Oregon. Meadowfoam® seeds contain an oil which has unique chemical properties that make it one of the most stable vegetable oils known. All the Meadowfoam® snow wax blends are biodegradable and non-toxic. NT waxes. WEND has created its line of NT Race Waxes by re-engineering its line of fluoro race waxes to replace all fluorocarbon components with nanotechnology additives. These additives are direct replacements for the PTFE (fluoro) additives and allow the new line of NT Race Waxes to achieve the wax performance gains previously attained only by using PTFE (fluoro) additives. WEND no longer manufactures any wax blends with fluorocarbon compounds. The nanotechnology replacement has greatly increased the eco-friendliness of these race waxes. shop all our waxes below.