Performance Waxes

Performance Waxes. The formulations for the WEND performance waxes are carefully engineered blends of waxes including petroleum-derived (mostly paraffins) and/or plant derived waxes. The blends typically contain plant-based additives. They are formulated to provide reduced friction, resistance to snow contaminants, increased wax penetration into equipment base material and increased base protection for the recreational skier/rider. The WEND performance wax lines cover all temperature ranges and snow conditions. The WEND NP Performance waxes are made with 100% plant derived ingredients and are completely biodegradable. This product line is representative of the direction that WEND is taking as it seeks to improve its snow product offerings by making them more and more eco-friendly.  WEND’s non-fluoro MF Performance waxes contain Meadowfoam® plant seed products for increased base penetration and protection, resistance to snow contaminants and better glide.