Race Waxes

Race Waxes. he WEND race waxes are comprised of the MF Race Wax line and the NT Race Wax line. The race products are similar to their WEND performance wax counterparts in that they are also carefully engineered blends of mainly paraffins and plant-based waxes with included additives. However the race waxes contain higher percentages of friction reducing ingredients making them faster than their performance formulation counterparts. Available in MF Race and NT Race. WEND MF Race waxes contain a higher concentration of Meadowfoam® plant seed oil which works similar to fluoro, yet is bio friendly, resists snow contaminants, and conditions your base. These waxes perform similar to a mid-fluoro wax. WEND Nano-Tech Race waxes are additive enhanced blends of paraffin, microcrystalline, polyethylene and Fischer-Tropsch waxes. These formulations include nanotechnology additives and Meadowfoam® plant seed wax to provide viable high-performance alternatives to fluorocarbon enhanced waxes.