MF Waxes

Meadowfoam waxes. The MF labeled products contain Meadowfoam® oil and/or Meadowfoam® wax. Meadowfoam® is a wildflower native to California and Oregon. Meadowfoam® seeds contain an oil which has unique chemical properties that make it one of the most stable vegetable oils known. All the Meadowfoam® snow wax blends are biodegradable and non-toxic. MF Race. WEND MF Race waxes contain a higher concentration of Meadowfoam® plant seed oil which works similar to fluoro, yet is bio friendly, resists snow contaminants, and conditions your base. These waxes perform similar to a mid-fluoro wax. MF Performance. WEND’s non-fluoro MF Performance waxes contain Meadowfoam® plant seed products for increased base penetration and protection, resistance to snow contaminants and better glide. MF Specialty. WEND’s non-fluoro MF Specialty Products include our MF Cleaner Conditioner, MF Liquid Juice, MF Speed Pastes, MF Liquid Hotbox, and a few other products that incorporate Meadowfoam® plant seed oil or waxes.