WEND MF Liquid Juice Wipes

WEND MF Liquid Juice Towelettes. 4.5 gram towelettes 6 inch by 6 inch. Natural Plant Based Blend, Biodegradable, Non-Toxic. Cleaner, conditioner and wax all in one. Ideal for an on-hill refresh, a quick wax when traveling with out an iron, or waxes in between tuneups. Universal temperature range.
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About Meadowfoam (MF): The WEND Meadowfoam wax line breaks the mold when it comes to traditional waxes. This impressive new formulation incorporates natural ingredients that outperform and outlast the rest. The WEND Non-Fluoro Meadowfoam waxes and cleaners give your race skis and snowboards the ultimate advantage on the flats, allowing the engineering behind your skis/board to shine through. These all-natural plant based waxes are biodegradable, proving you can practice sustainability without compromising performance.

Natural Plant Based Blend, Biodegradable, Non-Toxic

6" X 6" Towelette

4.5 grams Universal MF Liquid Juice

Application instructions:

1. Rub liquid juice towelette generously onto the base.

2. Allow liquid juice to saturate 10-20 minutes or until dry.

3. Once dry, brush off the hazed layer on the base to remove all contaminants.

4. Polish with a clean towel or rag.