WEND MF Natural Cleaner/Conditioner, 4oz

WEND MF natural cleaner conditioner 4 ounce bottle. Natural Plant Based Blend, biodegradable, Non-Toxic. Designed to thoroughly clean the base of any contaminants including emulsions from grinding, dirt and fluoros. This cleaner also contains a conditioning agent to help prepare the base for waxing. Universal temperate rating.
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About Meadowfoam (MF): The WEND Meadowfoam wax line breaks the mold when it comes to traditional waxes. This impressive new formulation incorporates natural ingredients that outperform and outlast the rest.
These all-natural plant based waxes and cleaners are biodegradable, proving you can practice sustainability without compromising performance.

4oz (120ml) bottle (also available in 16oz)

Application Instructions-

1- Shake container, apply to base generously, rubbing in with a clean cloth.

2- Brush the base to loosen contaminants in the base.

3- Let sit for 10-20 minutes. The base will haze over and look dried out.

4- Once dried completely, thoughouly brush/buff the base to a shine.