WEND NF Performance Hot Melt/Rub-On

100 gram hot melt/rub on bar. Natural Plant based blend, biodegradable, and non-toxic. WEND's NF performance waxes contain a percentage of Meadowfoam for increased durability and penetration, resistance to dirt and glide. Available in five temperature ratings: Universal, warm, mid, cold, x-cold. see temperature graph below for temperature specifics.
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About Meadowfoam: The WEND Meadowfoam wax line breaks the mold when it comes to traditional racing waxes. This impressive new formulation incorporates natural ingredients that outperform and outlast the rest. The WEND Non-Fluoro Meadowfoam waxes give your race skis and snowboards the ultimate advantage on the flats, allowing the engineering behind your skis/board to shine through. These all-natural plant based waxes are biodegradable, proving you can practice sustainability without compromising performance.Temperature Formula Recommendations Chart. Warm- 28º F & above / 2º C and above. Mid- 10º to 28º F or -12º to 2º C. Cold- 10º F and below or -12º C and below. X-cold- 0º F and below or -18º C and below. Universal- 10º to 40º F or -12º to 4º C. Graphite- 0º to 40º F or -12º to 4º C.

WEND NF Warm- designed for wet and artificial snow. Suggested iron temp: up to 255ºF / 125ºC. WEND NF mid- designed for new snow, moderate and artificial conditions. Suggested iron temperature: 255º to 285º F / 125º to 140º F. WEND NF cold- designed for colder, dryer snow conditions. Suggested Iron temp: up to 285º F / 140º C. WEND NF x-cold- Designed for colder dryer snow conditions. Suggested iron temp up to 285º F / 140º F. WEND NF universal - Designed for old, new and artificial snow. Suggested Iron Temp: 230º to 275º F / 110º to 135º C. WEND NF Graphite- designed for wet and slushy conditions. Suggested iron temp: 230º to 275º F / 110º to 135º C.